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3.23.12: My south-by wrap-up report

I just got back to Seattle from my two weeks in Texas. Took me a day for recuperation, and another couple to document the experience. You can read it all on Pancake Supper.

Next up are some local shows and a return to the Northwest Folklife Festival in May. Hope to see you at a show!

3.7.12: Where to catch my set in Texas


SXSnackbar 2012 – The Friday Edition

Friday, March 16th: 2PM

SXSnackbar 2012 PosterLocation: Snack Bar Austin
Address: 1224 S Congress Ave, Austin, TX 78704

12pm Ledaswan (TX)
1pm Brian Ledford (WA)
2pm The Abramson Singers (BC)
3pm Hillfolk Noir (ID)
4pm Fly Moon Royalty (WA)
5pm Tyne Darling (WI)
6pm The Curious Mystery (WA)
7pm Whitey On The Moon (TX)

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The Tomato Jam

Friday, March 16th: 8PM

Tomato Jam 2012 Poster

Location: Rockin' Tomato
Address: 3003 S Lamar Blvd, Austin, TX 78704
Redd Volkaert 10:30-Midnight
Everydudes 9:30
Jimmie Dale Gilmore 9:00
Brian Ledford 8:00
Dumptruck 6:45
Brett McCormick 6:00
The Millipede 5:00

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J&J’s Pizza on the Square

March 17th: 9PM

Location: J&J’s Pizza Solo Show
Address: 118 West Oak Street, Denton, TX 76201
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2.18.12: March Madness (of the Austin musical variety)

I just published a blog post on Pancake Supper with my take about Austin and SXSW. Have a read!

1.30.12: January Roadshows

The band and I just got back from a couple road shows in Portland and Walla Walla this last weekend. It was a fun trip and we made some new friends. In PDX we played at the Alberta Street Pub played Walla Faces in the great little wine country destination town of Walla Walla. I’ve posted a more detailed trip report on Pancake Supper.


12.31.11: Year End Wrap Up

It’s been a busy year. I went the gamut from starting the year in full-fledged writing hibernation, through the recording process, spending the remaining balance of the year moving back into the hawking of wares and performing.

The release of “From Sunlight Into Shadow” has been rewarding and seen some great response locally, around the country and over in Europe. And as much as I enjoy the recording process and don’t mind the business end (manufacturing, distribution, marketing and pr), it does feel good to start playing shows more frequently. I’m looking forward to next year when I intend to start trying to seriously broaden the reach of my music.

So thanks to all my supporters for a great year! Here’s to 2012 being a break out year!


10.4.11: “From Sunlight Into Shadow” Now Available!

Sales for the new record are now being accepted through CD Baby. Over the coming days and weeks it will begin showing up in the various online digital marketplaces. But why wait when you can get it right here, right now?


A week from tomorrow "From Sunlight Into Shadow" releases. Here's a sneak peak. Track six is a cover of one of my favorite Doves songs, the title track from their beautiful 2009 record "Kingdom of Rust."

Check it out!


8.23.11:  Record Release Date Set!

The release date for my next record, “From Sunlight Into Shadow,” is set for six weeks from today—October 4, 2011. The build up to the release starts in early September with CDs going out to radio.

The record release show is set for Friday, September 30th, at Conor Byrne Pub in Ballard. Mark your calendars now!

In the meantime be on the lookout for updates and more details about record availability and upcoming shows.


3.13.11: Pancake Supper

I'm kicking off my new blog, "Pancake Supper." I'll be keeping everyone up-to-date on progress of the record as we go from pre-production to release. So while I'll still be checking in here regularly, there'll be more activity and details going up there.


02.25.11: A Year and a Day

That's how long it's been since my last update. No particularly good reason beyond a bit of laziness on my part combined with the natural cycle of writing-recording-performing. I've been head down focusing all my writing energy on the next crop of songs.

The good news is that the band and I have just about completed working up the material and we'll be going into the studio imminently.

The bad news is that means we won't be playing out much for the next couple months as we focus our attention on the album. Our March 16th show will be your last chance to catch a show for a while. We'll be playing new material for the upcoming record and would love to see you.



This time last year, Matt and I were mixing Truth & Love, and I was working on all the minutia associated with putting out an indie record while stressing about how it would be received. Everything that followed was more than I’d hoped for.

There are a lot of people behind the scenes who played a part in what was ultimately a successful record release, but at the end of the day it was all of you, who supported my music and came out to the shows that made 2009 year the most rewarding music year for me since I starting playing. So Thank you. I promise there’s much more in store.

For starters, the band and I are headed to Texas in March for a series of shows before and during SXSW in Austin. The idea of a road trip started when I was invited to appear at the RedGorilla Music Fest that runs in parallel with SXSW. And, like the other legions of musicians that migrate to Austin with the spring, I’m making the most of the trip by lining up as many shows as I can.

Here’s the full line up of the mini-tour:

Date: Saturday, March 13th
Time: 8PM
Location: Fort Worth
The Aardvark
Details: I’d call this the “triumphant return” show, since I was born and raised in the metroplex, if it weren’t for the fact I’ve not really played there before. There’s a strong contingent of you in the area so I’m on calling you all to turn out and bring a couple folks with you. It’s exciting to finally be bringing my songs back to the place where so many of them were born.

Date: Wednesday, March 17th
Time: 8PM
Event: RedGorilla Music Fest
Location: Austin
Details: 8PM on Saint Patrick’s Day + 6
th Street + FREE! = Sweet, Sweet Madness

Date: Thursday, March 18th
Time: 2-5PM
Location: Austin
Event: Music from the film soundtrack of "The Wind Chases the Sun – The Leonard Peltier Story"
Ruta Maya
Details: I was asked to write a song for the film (for which we had a great recording session a couple weekends ago). Since several of the contributing artists were going to be in Austin during the festival week, I offered to put together an event to showcase the music and bring some attention to the project. There will be more forthcoming on this as the lineup firms up. Director Preston Randolph will appear to speak about the project.

Date: Saturday, March 20th
Time: Afternoon
Event: SXSnackbar!
Details: This a showcase hosted by my other good friends, Bethany and Karl, at their fantastic restaurant Snackbar, located in the heart of Austin’s SoCo Neighborhood. Looking like a cool lineup so you’ll definitely want to be there.

Hope to see you in Texas!



DJ Shotgun Majors on KRVM ranked "The Truth & Love" his #5 song of 2009! You can listen to his top 20 picks on his Tupelo Honey podcast.


10.26.09: October News

Lazy thing that I am, I took last month off from blogging so I owe everyone two months’ worth of news.

The September Oregon road shows were a big success; played some great shows, made some new friends, and got to live 2/3s of the rock n’ roll lifestyle…if ibuprofen qualifies as a drug in that sense.

You may have noticed a dearth of shows in the calendar since then. Couple reasons for that, the most notable of which is that I’m back down in my basement working up new material to go back into the studio as soon as possible. There’s no rest for the wicked, and as these things go, I need to get busy now so I can get something out there as soon as possible next year.

I’ll try and get something lined up in the interim, but the downside to shifting focus back to writing and recording is that you can expect a little less frequent shows over the winter. The upside is that when we do get out to play, there’ll be some new surprises in the set…so when that invite goes out, don’t mess about. Come out and see us!

The great reviews for the record continue to pile up. Over the last month there’s been a surge of reviews coming out the UK. The highlight is a glowing print review in the November issue of Maverick Magazine. In addition there are online reviews on,, and

Since the Maverick magazine review is print only, I’ve posted the full review:

Finally, I have another radio appearance scheduled; this time in Puget Sound. Tune in if you can’t wait for the next show. I’ll be airing, live, on KBCS radio, 91.3,  Thursday, October 29th at 1PM. Same format as the Eugene thing last month: lil’ talkin’, a lil’ playin’…and did I mention the possibility of surprises? Check it out!


7.18.09: Radio Update
Tinderbox updated me on the radio campaign and a lot more stations are getting behind the record. It's now up to 48 states and provinces and a total of 160 stations have the record in rotation.  I've updated the station lookup below to include the new stations. Plus, I've added a link to the station's coverage map so you can see if you can pick up the signal.


You really can make a difference by asking they play the record. Follow the link to their website and put in a request!